vnvn-web-design-serviesAlong with the continuous updating of the fashion trends, hair industry constantly innovate and offer women the opportunity to refresh your look a more regular basis. During the last 4 years, Long Hair & Beauty is proud to be a barber address women's pocket very many women in Cali. From straight hairstyles youthful, contemporary to the wavy hairstyle floating bending seductively under the talented hands of gold scissors Long Hair & Beauty, hair will actually become a song countless variations the same characteristics for your personality.

Long Hair & Beauty Salon system is currently the largest hair salon Cali 5 is equipped with modern, chic design but equally cozy. The gold scissors in hand Long Hair & Beauty is a professional training in the field of women's hair salon, hair stylist women in international institutions such as Vidal Sassoon famous (Shanghai), Toni & Guy (Singapore) ... definitely will bring you the impression hairstylist helps separate the beauty of each one. Whatever you choose for your personality style short hair, hair, hair straightening or bending gently seductive, we always offer advice make you most satisfied.

At Long Hair & Beauty, we are interested in promoting or minimize the advantages and disadvantages of your hair. Using professional techniques, hand-pulled Long Hair & Beauty has always focused on good handling section and damaged hair fibers hair during styling for your hair not only beautiful but also rich in vitality, achieving shine and really healthy.